PaFIA Highlights The Black Sheep

By: Jalia Moody

Which place in Philadelphia offers the traditional favorites: Shepherd’s Pie, Fish and Chips and Lamb Stew? Want another hint? Quizzo Wednesday and Saturday-Sunday brunch. The answer: the Black Sheep Irish Pub and Restaurant. This historic tri-level pub and restaurant welcomed our February 23 PaFIA event.

The Black Sheep is nestled in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia on South 17th Street.  Customers who frequent the establishment describe their experience as comfortable and consistent. The Black Sheep consistently holds game night Quizzo every Wednesday. The Black Sheep consistently has a beer selection and food items that change regularly to add fresh variety to the menu. The Black Sheep consistently welcomes weekly game night, favorite food items, and a comfortably fun experience.

This Irish pub and restaurant has been so popular that it has been used as a shooting location for past film productions. The manager describes the building as historic, interesting, and unique—aspects that draw location managers to the attraction. Customers describe the service as friendly and atmosphere as welcoming. Whether you are an out of town of producer or a native to the city, Black Sheep customers say to “stop on by.”