The Latest Film & Theatre Artist’s Exchange Event

By: Dave Ferrier

The latest Film & Theatre Artist’s Exchange event that took place on Wednesday night at Dave & Busters was another huge success. Hosted by John Mitchel, Kenneth McGregor and Renee Carrillo, hundreds of actors, filmmakers, producers and more crowded the red carpet, heard informative presentations and watched previews of some amazing local films.

“This is about getting work, a community looking after one another, supporting one another, learning from each other, and talking to one another,” McGregor said at the start of the event. “There are producers here who are getting it done!”

The Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PaFIA) table was abuzz with Maria Breyman talking with prospective members about the benefits of joining. There were a lot of aspiring actors and filmmakers, looking for guidance in the industry and eager to get in front of the right people. They were impressed by how many famous professionals presented at PaFIA events, such as Edward Saxon – Producer of Silence of the Lambs, and George Parra – Producer of Silver Linings Playbook. During Maria’s stage presentation she said “Our goal is to turn your dream into your full-time job!”