Why Sponsor PaFIA?


The Pennsylvania Film Industry Association is proud to keep Pennsylvania working. As members of PaFIA, it’s our personal responsibility to get involved and help maintain and improve the Film Tax Credit Program. We need to continue to have a strong and active group to accomplish our mission which can benefit everyone.

Take an active role, push for growth and support the film, television and commercial industry that helps keep you employed. Your voice must be heard. Your sponsorship positions your firm or company as a leader that recognizes the importance of the Film Tax Credit and the positive effects these credits have on our lives and the economic health of the film, television and commercial industry in Pennsylvania.

The renewal and improvement of the Film Tax Credit is immensely important to PaFIA and our continued growth within the Commonwealth. Your support and proactive efforts make us strong. The industry can thrive but only if we all step up and protect our industry because if we do not, no one else will. For more information, contact us at info@pafia.org.