What does the Film Tax Credit mean to the crews of Banshee and The Outsiders?

Remember that Softball game we live tweeted in Pennsylvania between the crews of two locally shot television shows? It’s because of the current Film Tax program in Pennsylvania that these individuals work, live and spend in Pennsylvania. Having people working and spending in PA leads to an increased tax base, which also means new and improved featured to the State from Libraries to roads. Our chair David Haddad interviewed members from departments above and below the line of Banshee and The Outsiders to ask them what The Film Tax Credit means to THEM?

MOX is a Pittsburgh native has moved home to continue working in Pennsylvania after making it big in the craft service industry. The Film Tax Credit means he gets to work here.

Kelli French who works in the wardrobe department of Banshee (whose story you will read more about soon!) thanks the film tax credit for changing her life!

Candace does hair on Banshee. When asked what would happen if the Film Tax Credit went away she said, “I would have nothing!"

Want to hear more about the softball game itself? Here is another video with Board Member Frank Conforti!!

Other testimonials:

Steve Parys is a 1st AD on The Outsiders, who was BORN AND RAISED in Pittsburgh, does not want to move for work and luckily does not have to. “If the Film Tax Credit goes away we would all get shut down.”

Amy and Angelo Sontereanos are a lovely couple who work in the DOT with The Outsiders get to “stay at home with the kids” because of The Film Tax Credit when 8 years ago they were in LA.

Frank Conforti, Board Member of PaFIA and Transportation Captain discusses how Pennsylvania can crew three shows now due to the Film Tax credit. He also REALLY wanted us to edit this video…. and we refused.

OHHHHH BABY! That’s a wrap! Thank you to David Haddad for taking these interviews and thank you to everyone who participated. Let’s work to keep film and TV in PA.