PAFIA Masterclasses

We are grateful to all these celebrities who chose to send the elevator back down and joined our mission of helping aspiring actors and filmmakers turn their dreams into full-time jobs. Go to our Events page to register for any upcoming Masterclasses.

Webinar with director David Petrarca, known for "Game of Thrones," "True Blood," and "Jessica Jones"

Webinar with Emmy-Winner Henry Bronchtein, known for "The Sopranos," "Hostages," and "The Following"

Webinar with Film Investors Peter Graham and Stephen Hays

Webinar with Samuel Roukin, famous for portraying Captain Simcoe on Turn: Washington's Spies

Webinar with Jason Zelin

Webinar with Randy Greenberg: Executive Producer of "The Meg" and "Cowboys & Aliens"

Webinar with DJ Dodd: Emmy-Winning Executive Producer of Mothers and Daughters & Ten Thousand Saints

Webinar with Diane Heery and Jason Loftus whose casting credits include 21 Bridges and Creed

Webinar with Sasha Yelaun: Producer of "The Vanished" and Executive Producer of "Animal Crackers"

Webinar with Jeremy Holm from "House of Cards" and "Mr. Robot"

Podcast with George Parra - Executive Producer of Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle


Webinar with Vincent Pastore - a star on The Sopranos, Revolver, General Hospital, Bullets over Broadway.

Webinar with John Rusk - 1st AD on Split, Doubt, The Sixth Sense and other award-winning productions

PAFIA Masterclass with Ed Saxon - an Oscar-winning producer of "The Silence of the Lambs"

PAFIA Event with Joseph Zolfo - Producer of Safe, Dead Man Down, and NCIS: New Orleans

PAFIA Event with Marc Bienstock - Producer of "Split" and "Glass"

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