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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 1:25 PM | Anonymous

 The Fall legislative session was very quiet with only 10 session days, as legislators returned to their districts to campaign.

On Tuesday, November 6, Governor Wolf easily won re-election, garnering almost 58% of the vote and defeating former Senator, Scott Wagner. The Governor's running mate, Braddock Mayor, John Fetterman, will be the Lieutenant Governor after defeating incumbent Lt. Governor, Mike Stack, in the primary.

Here is some information about the numbers:

  • Leading up to the election, 31 Senators and Representatives announced they would not be seeking re-election.
  • In the primary, 4 incumbents lost - 1 Republican Senator from Allegheny County and 3 Democrat Representatives.
  • In the general election on November 6, 10 incumbents lost, including 2 Republican Senators and 8 Representatives (7 Rs and 1D).
  • Democrats in the Senate have gained 5 seats, bringing the makeup of the Senate to 29R - 21D
  • Democrats in the House have gained 11 seats, bringing the makeup of the House to 108R - 95D
  • Democrats won 13 seats previously held by Republicans, and Republicans won 2 seats previously held by Democrats (net 11 seat gain)

Finally, the makeup of Pennsylvania Representatives in Congress changed as well and now reflects an even split of 9Rs and 9Ds.

Click here for the write-up for further information on the election.

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