Meet Jason Loftus

Friday, March 17, 2017 9:32 AM | Anonymous

Jason Loftus, CSA started in the business as an actor and then got work reading for auditions. Fifteen years ago, he moved to casting. Today, he is the Casting Director and Partner of Heery-Loftus Casting of Philadelphia, PA. The Heery-Loftus resume boasts of notable projects in film and television like, Untouchable, CREED, Silver Linings Playbook, and others. The firm was the 2013 ARTIOS winner for casting for Silver Linings Playbook, the 2016 ARTIOS nominee for pilot casting for How to Get Away with Murder and the 2013 Primetime EMMY nominee for casting of a mini-series for Political Animals.

Loftus got involved with PaFIA to help preserve and lobby for the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit. He knows firsthand that the tax credit is a big selling point for whether or not a film comes to Pennsylvania. “The tax credit is part of the revenue stream for a film project,” he explains. “The reality in the industry is that studios and independent film companies are looking for incentives. The film tax credit is imperative; or we won’t get the business in PA.

“The tax credit goes hand and hand with what we do,” adds Loftus, who encourages crew members and actors to get involved to help support the work of the association. “It is essential to maintain and grow the tax credit in Pennsylvania, otherwise there is no work here.”

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