Film and Theatre Artist Exchange Networking Event

Friday, March 03, 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous

On February 23, John Mitchel, Kenneth McGregor and Renee Carrillo hosted another successful Film & Theatre Artist Exchange Networking Event at Dave & Busters for hundreds of local actors and filmmakers. The event celebrated Black History Month and African American filmmakers shared their films and inspiring success stories.

Right at the event entrance, there was a full-height backdrop banner with the PaFIA logo among a few others for red carpet pictures, as well as PaFIA table set-up, where potential members could join, renew, or learn more about PaFIA and get a PaFIA pin for joining. Maria Breyman spoke from the stage on behalf of PaFIA about the importance of joining and supporting its mission of increasing tax credits and bringing more film work to Pennsylvania. She also described a number of great benefits that come with PaFIA membership such as free networking events with other industry professionals, free workshops with established filmmakers, and updates on upcoming Pennsylvania productions. Dom Frank, one of the presenters and Producer at Hard Floor Entertainment with 25 million dollar budget projects lined up, accentuated the need for tax credits in Pennsylvania and encouraged everyone to join PaFIA.



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