Meet Judith M. Strazzera, Production Accounting

Thursday, January 19, 2017 12:34 PM | Anonymous

Judith M. Strazzera has been working in the film industry for the last 19 years after starting at 23 in Glendale, CA at a production facility working with major studios as their account representative. She then moved through the production facilities and managed edit bays and worked with creating theatrical trailers and teasers and helped process the QC, Editing Telecine, Digital Restoration and Film Lab processes for major features and independent projects. Eventually, Judith transitioned into Dispatching/DOT Administration where she worked for a number of projects before landing in Production Accounting, where she continues to work consecutively.

Judith became involved with PaFIA after moving back to Pittsburgh, PA while working on several films. There she saw the direct rewards of the film tax credit to both her own livelihood and to the state.

“The film tax credit means that more projects can get made that might not, due to budgetary concerns,” explains Judith. “The film tax credit allows for projects to receive rebates and credits and apply that money to the overall budget, while the state that is being filmed reaps the monetary benefits for the retail, real estate, hotel, rental car, travel and restaurant industries. The film tax credit levels the playing field for more projects to be made and has the added benefit of more locations and community benefits.”

Judith encourages other PaFIA members to network with other members and continually speak about the positive impact of the benefits of the filmmaking on the local PA communities. She emphasizes:

  • Having the ability to work local
  • Giving back to the community at large by utilizing the communities around us
  • Using the influx of the capital from films and TV series and commercials

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