2016 Election - Pennsylvania Results

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  • Donad Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 64,000 votes (48.76% to 47.68%)

US Senate

  • US Senator Republican Pat Toomey defeated Katie McGinty by 96,000 votes (48.89% to 47.26%)

Statewide Races

  • Atty General  Democrat Josh Shapiro defeated John Rafferty by 159,000 votes (51.4% to 48.6%)
  • Auditor General  Incumbent Democrat Eugene DePasquale defeated John Brown (50% to 45%)
  • Treasurer – Democrat Joe Torsella defeated Otto Voit (51% to 44%)

PA Senate (31 Republican, 19 Dems PRIOR to election)
Incumbent Senator Teplitz was defeated by Republican challenger John DiSanto 
Incumbent Democrat Senator Sean Wiley loses to Republican Dan Laughlin
Republican Wayne Langerholc defeats Democrat Ed Cernic (Former John Wozniak seat)

Republican Senator Tom Killion won a close race for re-election
Republican Mike Regan easily defeated John Bosha (former Pat Vance seat)
Republican Scott Martin defeated Greg Paulson (former Lloyd Smucker seat)
Democrat Sharif Street ran unopposed for open seat (former Shirley Kitchen seat)

31 Republican, 19 Dems PRIOR to election 
Senate Rs gain 3 seats 
New makeup: 34 Rs/16 Ds

PA House – upsets/close races
Incumbent Democrat Jarrett Gibbons lost to Republican Aaron Bernstine
Incumbent Tim Mahoney lost to Republican Matthew Dowling
Incumbent David Parker lost to Democrat Maureen Madden
Incumbent Democrat Leanne Kruger-Braneky narrowly defeated Republican Morrisette Rodgers
Incumbent Republican Dan Truitt beat challenger Carolyn Comitta by 80 votes
Incumbent Democrat Minority Whip Mike Hanna withstood serious challenge

House of Representatives - Open Seat Winners 
Rep. Peter Daley (D-Washington) – Republican Donald Cook
Rep. Ted Harhai (D-Westmoreland) – Republican Justin Walsh

Rep. Nick Kotik (D-Allegheny) – Democrat Anita Astorino Kulik
Rep. Mauree Gingrich (R-Lebanon) – Republican Frank Ryan
Rep. John Payne (R-Dauphin) – Republican Tom Mehaffie
Rep. Sandra Major (R-Susquehanna) – Republican Jonathan Fritz
Rep. Mike Vereb (R-Montgomery) – Republican Michael Corr
Rep. Chris Ross (R-Chester) – Republican Eric Roe
Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland (D-Chester) – Democrat Brian Kirklan
Rep. Bill Adolph (R-Delaware) – Republican Alex Charlton
Rep. Julie Harhart (R-Northampton) – Republican Zachary Mako
Rep. Kevin Schreiber (D-York) – Democrat Carol Hill-Evans

Rep. Steve Santasiero (D – Montgomery) – Democrat Perry Warren
Rep. Mike Regan (R-Cumberland) – Republican Dawn Keefer
Rep Tonyelle Cook-Artis (D-Philadelphia)  Democrat Chris Rabb defeated Latry McDowell
Rep Mark Cohen (D-Philadelphia)  Democrat Jared Solomon
ep. Dwight Evans (D-Philadelphia)  Democrat Isabella Fitzgerald

Previous makeup of House 119 Rs/84 Ds
Republicans gain 3 seats (4 went R, 1 went D)
New Makeup of House 122 Rs/81 Ds

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