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Tuesday, June 14, 2016 12:50 PM | Anonymous

By:  John Rokosz

What are the advantages of keeping a competitive film tax credit in Pennsylvania? PaFIA is proud to share stories from the men and women of the PA film industry that earn their livelihood, raise their families, and contribute to our state’s economy—solely because of the PA film tax credit. Equally important however, yet easily overlooked, is the widespread benefit that the tax credit sets in motion across industry lines. Tague Lumber recognizes the outreach of that tax credit, especially as it relates to tradesmen industries such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and masons. As a result, Tague Lumber decided to forge a relationship with the Philadelphia chapter of PaFIA to support the cause.

James E. Tague and Co. opened in Philadelphia in 1908.  Over the next 100 years, their business went from two horses and a second-hand lumber lorry to a diverse company extending outside the city limits, offering a range of services such as custom millwork, full metal welding and fabrication, master keying, jobsite deliveries, and door and hardware takeoff assistance.  The newest additions to the Tague family of companies are the old Danby Lumber yard in Kennett Square and Doylestown Lumber, and they boast a signature fleet of red trucks that provide efficient delivery and exceptional customer service.  That same day service and quick turnaround has put Tague Lumber in an excellent position to facilitate the time-sensitive needs of the film industry.  For the past 10 years, they have been providing building materials such as lumber, plywood, and hardware for movie sets in Eastern PA, delivering the materials directly to the set, or to the construction site.

Kevin Potter, a purchasing manager at Tague, described his experience with PaFIA as a very positive one.  They decided to become a PaFIA sponsor 5 years ago, after discussing the encouraging film business they were seeing with a contact in the rental car industry.  Since then, Tague has been attending PaFIA events and building a network in the film community.  As Kevin explained, “It’s been fun, and being a part of the PaFIA community puts us in the front when it’s time to hire contractors for film.”

When asked about the role of the PA film tax credit, Kevin didn’t hold back: “It’s critical for the health of our local economy.  It also benefits many different types of businesses—not only our company, but so many other tradesmen in the state.”  Kevin went on to say how pleased he is with the connection they’ve established with PaFIA, and the message they’re sending to Harrisburg about the film tax credit.  “It’s a well-placed credit,” he said, “because it encourages revenue by empowering businesses, investment, and employment.”

PaFIA would like to thank Kevin, Katie Connor, and all the folks at Tague Lumber for their support over the past 5 years.  We’re anxious to continue our relationship, mutually ensuring that the positive message to Harrisburg continues for years to come!

Please visit our friends at www.taguelumber.com for a better look at their services, which include architecture, building, design, delivery, installation, and renovation.

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