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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 12:54 PM | Anonymous

By: JaLia Moody

Recall the classic detective film Inspector Gadget? Well, that film landed Joe Huber’s auto company, Precision Body and Service Inc., a recurring role in the film industry. For 32 years, Precision Body and Service has served the Pittsburgh area to car owners, commercial truck drivers, and the film industry.

Ever wonder where those wrecked cars end up?  Huber’s auto shop takes them and fixes them to be ready for production. From trailers to trucks to cars for a set, he paints, remodels, or fixes what is sent to him. From the day he graduated from high school, he transitioned to working in the auto industry. He taught himself how to do bodywork by age 17—18. He held a deep interest for car remodeling since he was young.  PaFIA’s own David Haddad introduced him to another world of car remodeling – the film industry.  Joe says the most memorable experience thus far from working in the auto industry is meeting David Haddad because he has brought him a lot of work. When asked to compare working with car and truck owners to the film industry, Joe answered that each are about the same. Neither is less nor more difficult.

Joe advises anyone looking to step in his shoes these words of wisdom: “You have to really go out and get it and you got to hustle for it.” He is saying that one must possess two things: urgency and desire. Just go for it!

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