Meet Jeannee Josefczyk

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 12:56 PM | Anonymous

By: Jalia Moody

“Keep after your dreams. They will come true if you keep following them.” These are the words of an industry professional who believes in paying it forward. Jeannee Josefczyk is a woman to admire. She was President of The Pittsburgh Film Workers for 10 years, and at the time of her presidency the organization hosted the Oscar party before the Pittsburgh Film Office.  Jeannee was also one of the founders of the Pittsburgh Film Office and has been a board member of PaFIA since it was started. She currently sits on the board of Women in Film and The Valleywide Credit Union.

“Keep after your dreams” is more than idealism for this IATSE 798 makeup artist and journeyman who also was the Shop Stewart for makeup in the Pittsburgh region. Jeannee was nominated for the prestigious Georgie Award from IATSE 706 for Special effect makeup on theacclaimed HBO series, The Corner. What she enjoys most about being a makeup artist is that no day is the same. One day you are creating a beautiful and mysterious woman and the next you are working with The President of the United States or making a drug addict come alive before your eyes.

The Pennsylvania Film Production Tax Credit Program is very relevant to Jeannee’s business. It keeps her from going out of state to work and has helped her to put three children through college.  She expresses that “we must let our politicians and governor know how important it is to open up the tax credit to 100 million instead of 60 million. Once the tax credit is expanded, more films and different projects will come to Pennsylvania so the state can benefit from it causing a trickle down economy and benefit all.” Jeannee fights so diligently and serves organizations such as PaFIA so that the future film workers can get a tangible full time career in this industry. As she voices, “This business is one of feast or famine at first, but keep your chin up and work hard to persevere.” Jeannee’s life story is the best example of dreams crystallizing in a sure thing.

Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PAFIA)
461 Cochran Road, Box 246
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
(717) 833-4561

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