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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 1:07 PM | Anonymous

Hertz Entertainment Services, a division of the Hertz Corporation, is a single-source car and equipment rental solutions to the entertainment and special events industries. Hertz Entertainment Services (HES) provides customized vehicle and equipment rental solutions to movie, film and television productions, live sports and entertainment events, and all-occasion special events, such as weddings, conventions, and fairs. Launched initially in New York in 2009, Hertz Entertainment Services now has coverage throughout the United States Coordinating sales by Philadelphia International Airport for the last 2 years is Adam McNichol, who has been with the Hertz Cooperation for 4 years. “I love being behind the scenes,” says Adam. “The fast pace and always changing plans are a welcome challenge. I also love movies and I am intrigued of how much needs to come together to make it happen!”

Adam first learned about the PaFIA through Production Coordinator and PaFIA Board Member, David Raynor. “After some research we thought it was important to get involved because of the work we do with the entertainment market in Pennsylvania.  When the crews are working a production it means that we are working also so it is important to help drive the ideas and needs of the film industry.“

Vocal about wanting to take an even more active role in the organization since becoming a Corporate Sponsor last year Adam says, “I wanted to get more involved with PaFIA because I think it is important that the state address the Tax Credit and truly see how much revenue generation is made by filming in Pennsylvania.  Not only with your cooperate companies but with every business in the town where the crew is working from the equipment suppliers like us down to the gas station at the end of the street where the crew is filling their cars.  It has a very long reach of which many are just not aware. “

When asked just how the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit effects Hertz Entertainment Services, Adam replied, “If we have equipment heading out then it is creating work for many people, you have the reps taking the call, the mechanics ensuring the equipment is ready and safe and the truck drivers delivering.”

What does a typical entertainment rental consist of?

“Most of the entertainment rentals that we do will consist of a lot of boom lifts, fork lifts and scissor lifts.  We are available 24/7 for anything that could come up and very willing to help.  We work very closely with the production staff to ensure you are getting what you need when you need it. In Pennsylvania we do a lot of aerial lifts and forklifts.”

Hertz Entertainment offers everything from blacked out Boom Lifts from 30’ to 125’, scissor lifts, personal lifts, light towers, forklifts to carts.  They also offer Hvac and Generator services perfect for heating or cooling a tent for location shoots.

But do you get to drive the dream cars around the lot?

We sadly do not have a dream location at my office, but I am a huge car guy and would be in them in a second if we did!

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