Career Fair at Temple University

Tuesday, May 03, 2016 1:45 PM | Anonymous

By: Meagan Hill

On March 30, PaFIA members Meagan Hill and Tom and Helen McNutt participated in the second annual School of Media and Communication Internship and Career Fair at Temple University. Students received information about the benefits of memberships in both PaFIA and in SAG-AFTRA and how our two organizations work together.

Philadelphia Local SAG-AFTRA President, Tom McNutt told the students that it’s good to have an advocate, like SAG-AFTRA, who will be there to nurture and guide the performer. National board member, Helen McNutt added, “It’s tough trying to make a living in the industry alone. The union will protect them.”  Students also learned that PaFIA is there to help and support all aspects of the film industry.

SAG-AFTRA board member, Meagan Hill, explained how hiring trained union talent can help speed up film production.  “Pennsylvania artists and crews are visibly distinct from the rest. We clearly show the training, dedication and professionalism that took years to attain and was hard won. The Guild and the film industry of Pennsylvania should be synonymous for excellence. Professionalism will reduce production time by adding value through skill.”

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