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Article by: Amelia Addor
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Ryan Shank is an award-winning independent producer of film & branded content who has collaborated with both international and domestic musicians, artists, CEOs, CMOs, and corporate communicators to develop and create innovative and visually stunning narratives to drive sales and brand awareness. 

His collaborations have included serving as a Project Manager for the 2016 U.S. Women’s Open (Golf) to producing content for companies such as AT&T, Reebok, American Express, Warner Brothers, and Ford among many others. 

It is these experiences, networks, and creative thinking that bring Ryan into leadership of the Red Rose International Film Festival. He is a Lancaster native and a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University. He lives in Lancaster with his wife Abby, and his son Jackson.

In 2019, Ryan Shank founded and debuted the Red Rose Film Festival. The Red Rose Film Festival is dedicated to the growth and enrichment of the Central Pennsylvania film community. 

Through the promotion of independent film, new technologies, and continued economic development, RR|FF intends to expand tourism, industry education, job creation, and better incentives for Pennsylvania film production. RR|FF seeks to expand a thriving arts community in Lancaster, home to world-renowned artists, musicians, and entertainers. This festival recognizes the many voices of filmmakers and innovators across the planet and celebrates their perspectives, cultures, and visions.

Submissions are now open for the 2020 “RR|FF: The Sequel” - click here! Further information is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is the “Red Rose Film Festival”?
The Red Rose Film Festival is dedicated to the growth & enrichment of the Central Pennsylvania film community. Through the promotion of independent film, new technologies and continued economic development, the RR|FF intends to expand tourism, industry education, job creation, and better incentives for Pennsylvania film production. This festival recognizes the many voices of filmmakers & innovators across the world to celebrate their perspectives, cultures and visions.

When was this idea first conceived?
The foundations of this festival came from the culmination of years working with others who did the same for their communities, especially to Susan Gorrell, of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. She is an incredible leader for her fest in Iowa and she gave this festival a phenomenal example of how film can impact a community!

Who was the festival created by?
It’s a funny thing “giving credit”. Year 1: It was a community effort. Sponsors, donors, local filmmakers, national & international filmmakers, our community, our executive team­. Frankly, the RR|FF was created from a huge collective of people buying into a vision of how film can impact Central PA.

What was the audience you expected versus the audience that arrived
We had 1000+ attendees over the first weekend. I’m just glad people showed up!

Would you consider RR|FF to be important to the PA film industry? Why?
You’re looking at state incentives, right? While the majority of our credits are headed to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia you have an incredible landscape within that six-hour drive time. The goal of RR|FF is to impact economic development, arts, tourism & education in our wonderful state. It’s impossible to create real change if we don’t engage Pennsylvania in its entirety!

What was the most surprising moment of the latest Red Rose Film Festival?
Survival? Hah no. The surprise came from filmmakers. So many of them came up to our team and asked, “This is your first year?”. We planned to be actively engaged in our community throughout the year, so the greatest surprises were in how seamless year one played out.

Who participated in the most recent one? Who do you hope will participate this coming/next year?
Lancaster showed up! PAFIA came in rolling deep for the whole weekend. We had 40 of the 76 films represented over the weekend by directors, actors, crew, and producers. Speaker panels included film professors, innovation and tech professionals, filmmakers, and industry insiders from around the country. Our hope in 2020 is to replicate that type of participation and maybe throw in some additional surprises!

How would you describe your vision of the next Red Roses to come?
In a word? “Long-term.” We will be an Awards Qualifying hub for filmmakers and innovators. A platform for Global Perspectives to make a Local Impact.

Would the future festivals differ from the latest one? How?
2020 is about refining the overall experience of the RR|FF. Filmmakers, volunteers, patrons etc. we want to make the experience flow for everyone. In future years we will expand, but Year 2 is about immediate growth in the community.

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