As 2017 comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our members for their dedication to the film industry in our state. Your hard work in the past year saved our film tax credit program - it is set at $65 million. While this tax credit gets the attention of producers, it's our members' passion that has created Pennsylvania's name as a viable shooting location for large budget productions. Companies want to shoot here because our crews and vendors are exceptional.

The past year has had its challenges - The threat to the film tax credit was as present as ever. But together we have met the challenges to our industry head on. We currently have 860 dues paying members and a renewed energy to show our legislators that supporting film in Pennsylvania means creating jobs in Pennsylvania.

The coming year brings new challenges - We must ensure that we have a say in Pennsylvania's long term planning by creating a presence statewide. The strength of our movement will come from the mobilization of our members to network, to recruit sponsors and members, and to come together as a unified voice in support of the tax credit. With our focus on the six key areas of Advocacy, Fundraising, Marketing, Recruitment, Messaging, and Independent Films; we will succeed in positioning ourselves as the leading ally to the Pennsylvania film tax credit in order to keep the credit viable and working for the people and economy of this great commonwealth.

When the state releases its revenue numbers in early spring, we will choose the best strategy to make sure an increased film tax credit is part of the final budget. Until then, continue sharing your stories - of productions, of jobs, of how the film industry in Pennsylvania impacts your daily life, and how it can impact others. I look forward to working with you all in 2018 to bring films to our state and jobs to our communities.

David Haddad
Chairman, Pennsylvania Film Industry Association

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